Air Conception USA

These tables show the real time quotation of Air Conception paramotors in US dollars

'P': Pull Start    'E': Electric start    'C': Clutch
Engine / Frame type Titanium Race v2 or split frame (*) Magnesium or Aluminium Delta frame (**)
Nitro Evo 200EC, 200PEC (2 Yrs warranty) Request dealer for quotation Request dealer for quotation
Revolution 200EC (3 Yrs warranty) 7330 $ 6830 $
Revolution 200PEC (3 Yrs warranty) 7440 $ 6940 $
R200 Xtrem EC (3 Yrs warranty) 7660 $ 7160 $
R280 Xtrem EC (3 Yrs warranty) 7880 $ 7380 $
These prices do not include shipping costs or any local taxes.
Fedex drop shipping cost: 620 $

Options (when ordered with the paramotor) Price
Chrome exhaust (NITRO only) 110 $
Red CNC bars (Titanium frame only) 110 $
Heavy duty ABM bars no cost
E-props 3 blades 110 $
(*) Large frame (150 instead of 140 cm) on Race v2 frame 22 $
(**) Large frame (150 instead of 140 cm) on Delta frame 11 $
5 years paramotor warranty 550 $

General warranty conditions
Warranty starts from the first day after the delivery to the customer. There is no need to fill any coupon, dates of delivery being recorded.
Every claim must be done to the authorized dealer or to the factory by email.
All the costs of transport in connection with warranty interventions for the paramotor, engine or parts are the responsibility of the customer.